Southern Natural Gas Company

Seventh Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/01/1993, Docket: RS92- 10-003, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 91 Original Sheet No. 91 : Effective



Interruptible Storage Service



amount equal to the cost of performing the maximum storage service

requested by SHIPPER hereunder for a three (3) month period, or

furnishes a guaranty from a creditworthy party that said creditworthy party

will be responsible for payment of all liabilities of SHIPPER under its ISS

Service Agreement.


(e) COMPANY shall not be obligated to accept any request for interruptible

storage service unless adequate Storage, withdrawal and injection capacity

is available without the construction of additional facilities by COMPANY.



(f) Upon the termination of storage service hereunder, SHIPPER must

withdraw its Storage Inventory within a reasonable period, as specified by

COMPANY in a nondiscriminatory manner. For each day COMPANY is

unable to accept SHIPPER'S nomination to withdraw gas from Storage,

the period specified by COMPANY for withdrawal shall be extended a

corresponding number of days. In lieu of withdrawing its Storage

Inventory, SHIPPER can also attempt to sell its Storage Inventory to

another ISS SHIPPER, subject to the provisions of this Rate Schedule, or

to a SHIPPER under Rate Schedule CSS with available Storage capacity.

Until SHIPPER'S Storage Inventory is withdrawn or transferred, SHIPPER

will continue to pay COMPANY all rates and charges hereunder. If

SHIPPER fails to withdraw or transfer its entire Storage Inventory by the

end of the specified period, COMPANY shall retain and take title, at no

cost to COMPANY, to SHIPPER'S remaining Storage Inventory.




SHIPPER, or its agent designated in an executed agency agreement, may

nominate gas for transfer into its Storage account hereunder from another

SHIPPER'S Storage Inventory subject to the provisions of this Rate Schedule and

COMPANY'S receipt of a matching nomination from the other SHIPPER to

transfer gas from its Storage Inventory. SHIPPER, or its agent, may also

nominate gas for transfer from its Storage Inventory hereunder into another

SHIPPER'S Storage account so long as such nomination does not exceed

SHIPPER'S Storage Inventory and COMPANY receives a matching