Southern Natural Gas Company

Seventh Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 03/01/2008, Docket: RP08-180-000, Status: Effective

Seventh Revised Sheet No. 51A Seventh Revised Sheet No. 51A : Effective

Superseding: Substitute Sixth Revised Sheet No. 51A


Firm Transportation Service - No Notice



(b) Each SHIPPER that qualifies to pay a volumetric transportation rate (Small Shipper Charge) for services

under this Rate Schedule as of March 1, 2000, will pay the rates set forth in Section 3(c) below.


Any Existing Small Shippers that do not elect to convert to two-part firm transportation service by the

Election Deadline shall execute new firm transportation agreements with COMPANY subject to the Small

Shipper Charge by the Election Deadline and such agreements shall contain the following seasonal firm

contract quantities. For the months of November - March, the Transportation Demand shall be the same as

SHIPPER'S current Transportation Demand subject to the Small Shipper Charge. For the months of April -

October, the Transportation Demand shall be reduced to no greater than the highest peak day delivery for

each month under the Small Shipper agreement, including deliveries to storage, computed over the last

three years ending March 31, 1999, unless Southern Natural agrees otherwise. The difference between

SHIPPER'S current Small Shipper Transportation Demand and its reduced Transportation Demand hereunder can

be reinstated on 12 months prior written notice if and to the extent the Existing Small Shipper can

provide data demonstrating its need to reinstate its Transportation Demand for any month.


(c) If SHIPPER qualifies to pay a volumetric transportation rate under Section 3(b) above, SHIPPER shall pay

COMPANY the following for:


(i) Small Shipper Charge: The applicable rates set forth on the currently effective Sheet Nos. 16-

17 or 28-29 multiplied by the quantities of gas delivered for SHIPPER'S account each day during

the month up to the SHIPPER'S total Transportation Demand multiplied by the systemwide Btu

factor set forth in Section 12.1 of the General Terms and Conditions hereto. For transportation

of gas on a backhaul basis, a backhaul transportation charge, as shown on the above referenced

rate sheets shall apply. These charges shall not apply to deliveries made hereunder for

injection into a storage account under Rate Schedule CSS or ISS, but shall be charged on the

transportation of gas from said storage account(s).


(ii) Downstream Delivery Charge: If gas is delivered for SHIPPER'S account to an Exhibit B-1

Delivery Point in a zone downstream of the zone of SHIPPER'S Exhibit B Delivery Points, SHIPPER

shall pay, in addition to the Small Shipper Charge for the zone of SHIPPER'S Exhibit B Delivery

Points, the maximum applicable Transportation Charge under Rate Schedule IT from SHIPPER'S

Exhibit B delivery zone to the zone of the downstream Delivery Point multiplied times the

volumes delivered to the downstream Delivery Point within SHIPPER'S Transportation Demand. This

charge shall be applied to the daily deliveries pursuant to the method set forth in Section 13.7

of the General Terms and Conditions.