Venice Gathering System, L. L. C.

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Effective Date: 01/01/1998, Docket: CP97-533-002, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 207 Original Sheet No. 207 : Effective






25.3 Standard of Performance


VGS shall operate its pipeline system as a prudent

pipeline operator would and in such capacity shall have full

operational control of all components of its pipeline

system. Pursuant to this standard, VGS may use commingled

supplies of natural gas of all Customers in providing

services to other Customers, but such use of commingled

supplies of natural gas shall not relieve VGS of its

obligations to provide service in accordance with the terms

of its Rate Schedules, General Terms and Conditions and

Service Agreements. This standard does not, however, cause

VGS to be responsible and/or liable for the actions of any

third party.




26.1 Effect of Force Majeure


If either VGS or Customer is rendered unable, wholly

or in part, by force majeure to perform its obligations

under any Service Agreement, other than the obligation to

make payments then or thereafter due, it is agreed that

performance of the respective obligations of the parties

thereto to receive and deliver gas, so far as they are

affected by force majeure, shall be suspended from the

inception of any such inability until it is corrected, but

for no longer period. The party claiming such inability

shall give notice to the other party as soon as practicable

after the occurrence of the force majeure event. If such

notice is first given by telephone, it shall be confirmed in

writing within five (5) days giving full particulars. The

party claiming such inability shall promptly correct such

inability to the extent it may be corrected through the

exercise of reasonable diligence.