Venice Gathering System, L. L. C.

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Effective Date: 05/01/2001, Docket: RP01-362-000, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 93 First Revised Sheet No. 93 : Effective

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 93





8.3 Critical Notice


If VGS determines that operational circumstances exist such that the

issuance of an OFO or the declaration of a Critical Day is imminent, but

corrective actions may be taken to mitigate such circumstances, VGS shall

issue a Critical Notice to warn affected Shippers of a potential OFO or

Critical Day declaration. Shippers may be notified through their choice of

Electronic Notice Delivery mechanism or phone or fax; unless VGS and

Shipper(s) have agreed to the exclusive use of EDI, Shipper(s) must provide

VGS with at least one internet e-mail address to be used for Electronic Notice

Delivery of Critical Notices. VGS will support the concurrent sending of

electronic notification of Critical Notices to two internet E-mail addresses

for each Shipper. Such E-mail will include a subject line that includes the

following information in the following manner: (1) "Critical", (2) Notice

Type label (per GISB Standard 4.2.19), (3) the Notice Effective Date in

YYYYMMDD format, (4) "VGS", and (5) VGS' DUNS Number. VGS will postpone the

issuance of an OFO or Critical Day declaration and allow warned Shippers the

opportunity to take corrective actions, provided the warned Shippers advise

VGS of their proposed corrective actions. Failure to implement corrective

measures by such Shippers may ultimately result in the issuance of an OFO or

the declaration of a Critical Day by VGS.


8.4 Critical Day


When a Critical Day exists on the VGS System, VGS, may after six hours

prior notice to Customer, unilaterally make adjustments to maintain a balance

between Customer's receipts and deliveries. VGS shall provide Customer notice

via telephone and either fax, E-mail or via VGS' Internet Home Page. A

Critical Day shall be deemed to exist only when (a) Customer's current daily

rate of deliveries at the Receipt Point(s) is in excess of the current daily

rate of deliveries for Shipper's account at the Delivery Point (Current

Imbalance), by the greater of 1% of the daily scheduled volumes or 1,500 Dths

per Day, (b) Shipper's Current Imbalance is adversely affecting Customers who

are capable of delivering Gas into VGS' System during normal conditions, and

(c) VGS has notified Shipper that a Critical Day exists. If Customer fails to

take corrective action on its own to maintain a balance between Customer's

receipt and deliveries during a Critical Day and VGS is unable to adjust

Customer's receipt and deliveries in accordance with the above to maintain

receipts and