Venice Gathering System, L. L. C.

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Effective Date: 05/01/2001, Docket: RP01-362-000, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 84 First Revised Sheet No. 84 : Effective

Superseding: Substitute Original Sheet No. 84





e. Bump Protection for Other Services: VGS will not schedule an Intra-

Day Nomination under any firm rate schedule if such change will Bump

scheduled and flowing services of an equal priority. VGS will not

schedule an Intra-Day Nomination under any firm rate schedule if

such change will Bump scheduled and flowing of a lower priority

service unless the nomination change is an intra-day change for a

Primary or Secondary Receipt Point under the Shipper's Firm

Transportation Service Agreement.


f. Bumping that affects transactions on multiple transportation service

providers will occur at grid-wide synchronization times only.


g. If VGS exceeds the standard nomination time line, VGS is not

required to hold capacity for grid-wide nominations until a standard

nomination cycle.


h. Intra-Day Nominations must be based on a daily quantity, and include

an effective date and time.


i. Bumping Scheduled Quantities: When a previously confirmed and

scheduled quantity is altered, notification of such alteration will

be provided, through the affected party's choice of Electronic

Notice Delivery Mechanism or phone or fax; unless VGS and Shipper(s)

have agreed to the exclusive use of EDI, Shipper(s) must provide VGS

with at least one internet E-mail address to be used for Electronic

Notice Delivery of intra-day bumps. VGS will support the concurrent

sending of electronic notification of intra-day bumps to two

internet E-mail addresses for each Shipper. Such E-mail will

include a subject line that includes the following information in

the following manner: (1) "Critical", (2) Notice Type label (per

GISB Standard 4.2.19), (3) the Notice Effective Date in YYYYMMDD

format, (4) "VGS", and (5) VGS' DUNS Number. In addition, the notice

will indicate the affected Service Requester Contract, Receipt

and/or Delivery Location, and Receipt and/or Delivery Point Quantity

from the Scheduled Quantity. Notification of alteration will be

provided to all parties below that are affected: (1) Confirmation

Requester in a confirmation response (or unsolicited confirmation

response as applicable) document by the Confirming Party; (2)

Confirming Party in a request for confirmation document by the

Confirmation Requester; (3) service requester(s) in a

scheduled quantity document by the applicable Confirming Party or

Confirmation Requester on whose system the service requester(s)

nomination(s) were made.