Venice Gathering System, L. L. C.

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Effective Date: 09/01/2005, Docket: RP05-430-000, Status: Effective

Third Revised Sheet No. 83 Third Revised Sheet No. 83 : Effective

Superseding: Second Revised Sheet No. 83





This information will be imparted to

the service requester on the

scheduled quantity document.


f. The explicit confirmation process requires

that the Confirming Party respond to a

request for confirmation or initiate an

unsolicited confirmation response. Absent

mutual agreement to the contrary, explicit

confirmation is the default methodology.


g. For request to confirm and confirmation response

processes, all parties will seek to confirm by means

of communicating at the applicable detail / summary

level all transactions with respect to a location.


h. In the confirmation process, where a party requesting

confirmation (a Confirmation Requester) is not itself

a Transportation Service Provider, the location code

to be used when sending a Request for Confirmation

should be the location code associated with the

location where gas will be scheduled by the

Transportation Service Provider; and, where a

Confirmation Requester is also a Transportation

Service Provider; then, as between these confirming

parties (the Confirmation Requester and the Confirming

Parties), and absent their mutual agreement to the

contrary, the location code to be used when sending

a Request for Confirmation should be the location

code used by the Transportation Service Provider

sending the Request for Confirmation.


6.10 Bumping and Intra-Day Limitations


a. For services that provide for Intra-Day

Nominations and scheduling, there is no

limit to the number of Intra-Day Nominations

(line items as per GISB Standard 1.2.1)

which a service requester may submit at any

one standard nomination cycle or in total

across all standard nomination cycles.


b. VGS will permit Intra-Day Nominations: 1)

to increase or decrease total flow, 2) to

change Receipt Points, 3) to change

Delivery Points; and 4) to schedule new

Receipt (supply) or Delivery (market)



c. Intra-Day Nominations are permitted at

all Receipt Points and Delivery Points.


d. Bump Protection for Firm Primary Points:

VGS will not schedule an Intra-Day Transportation Nomination,

if the result of scheduling such nomination would be to Bump

flowing and scheduled transportation under any firm service at

a Primary Receipt or Delivery Point.