Venice Gathering System, L. L. C.

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Effective Date: 09/01/2005, Docket: RP05-430-000, Status: Effective

Fifth Revised Sheet No. 48 Fifth Revised Sheet No. 48 : Effective

Superseding: Fourth Revised Sheet No. 48





Bump: The displacement of a scheduled interruptible service during the evening or intra-day 1

nomination cycle resulting from the scheduling of increased firm nominations during a cycle.


Business Day: Monday through Friday, excluding Federal Banking Holidays for transactions in the

United States, and similar holidays for transactions occurring in Canada and Mexico.


Central Address Repository (CAR): The term used to describe: 1) the Web site providing links to

all VGS' Informational Postings, and 2) the entity administering and maintaining the above Web

site and repository.


Central Clock Time: Central standard time throughout the year, as adjusted for daylight savings

time. Any reference to Central Time is Central Clock Time.


Condensate: A light hydrocarbon liquid obtained in condensation of hydrocarbon vapors that

separate out in liquid form at the pressures and temperatures at which separators normally



Confirmation Letter: A document evidencing Shipper's commitment to execute a firm service

agreement in accordance with the procedures under Section 13.4.


Confirmation Requester: A service provider (including a point operator) that is seeking to confirm

a quantity of gas via the information outlined in GISB Standard 1.4.3 with another service

provider (the Confirming Party) with respect to a nomination at a location.


Confirmation by Exception (CBE): An action whereby the Confirming Parties agree that one party

deems that all requests at a location are confirmed by the other party (the CBE party) without

response communication from that party. The CBE party can take exception to the request by so

informing the other party within a mutually agreed upon time frame.


Confirming Parties: The Confirmation Requester and the Confirming Party.


Confirming Party: A service provider (including a point operator) that provides a confirmation for

a quantity of gas via the information outlined in GISB Standard 1.4.4 to another service provider

(the Confirmation Requester) with respect to a nomination at a location.


Content Area: The term used to describe the area directly to the right of the Navigational Area of

the browser display. When the Navigational Area is not displayed the entire browser display is

content area.


Critical Notice: Information on conditions on VGS' system that affect scheduling or adversely

affect scheduled gas flow. Critical notices will be posted separately on VGS' Internet Home Page.


Customer: A party to an agreement under any VGS Rate Schedule, except where specifically precluded

by the rate schedule or inapplicable due to the context of the usage of the term.


Customer Activities: The term used to refer to the business function categories relating to

Nominations, flowing gas, invoicing, capacity release, contracts and other business functions on

industry web sites.


Daily Allocation: The term used to describe the process where the Allocating Party performs the

allocation process following each gas day.


Day: A period of twenty-four (24) consecutive hours beginning and ending at nine (9:00) a.m.,

Central Clock Time. The date of a day shall be that of its beginning.


Dekatherm (Dth): One million Btus and shall be the standard unit for purposes of nominations,

scheduling, confirmations, allocations, invoicing and balancing.