Mogas Pipeline LLC (Fomerly Missouri Interstate Gas)

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 06/01/2008, Docket: CP06-407-002, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 69 Original Sheet No. 69 : Pending






12. Negotiated rates (Continued)


maximum tariff rate(s) has the same right to capacity as a

Shipper willing to pay a higher negotiated rate(s). If the

negotiated rate(s) is higher than the corresponding maximum

recourse rate(s), the negotiated rate(s) cannot be used as the

price cap for release capacity pursuant to Article 22 of these

General Terms and Conditions.


12.3 Accounting for costs and revenues: To ensure that

recourse Shippers are not better or worse off due to negotiated

rate agreements, Transporter shall maintain and provide

separately identified and totaled volume, billing determinant,

rate or surcharge component, and revenue accounting information

for its negotiated rate arrangements in any general or limited

rate change filing that it makes. Transporter shall maintain

separate records for all revenues associated with negotiated rate

transactions. Transactions related to negotiated rate agreements

that originated as a pre-existing discounted service and were

subsequently converted will be recorded separately from those

originating as negotiated rate agreements.


13. Treatment of Discounts


13.1 Transporter shall have the right to seek in future general

rate proceedings discount-type adjustments in the design of its

rates related to negotiated rate agreements that were converted

from pre-existing discount agreements to negotiated rate

agreements, provided that the type of pre-existing service is not

altered as a result of the conversion to a negotiated rate. In

those situations, Transporter may seek a discount-type adjustment

based upon the greater of: (a) the negotiated rate revenues

received or (b) the discounted rate revenues which otherwise

would have been received.


13.2 Transporter may also seek to include in a discount-type

adjustment any negotiated rate agreements that were converted

from pre-existing discounted agreements to negotiated rate



13.3 Transporter will distinguish between negotiated rate

Shippers and recourse rate or discounted rate Shippers at the

time Transporter and Shipper enter into a discount or negotiated

rate transaction.


14. Balancing of gas


Except as provided in Section 9, Shippers receiving firm or

interruptible transportation service are required to keep

receipts and deliveries in balance. If Shipper accumulates (a) a

daily imbalance, determined by the difference between receipt

point nominations and actual deliveries, of the greater of 100

Dth or 5 percent of nominations, or (b) a monthly imbalance

greater than 10 percent of the Shipper's MDQ; Transporter shall

be entitled, upon notice to Shipper, to adjust or limit