Mogas Pipeline LLC (Fomerly Missouri Interstate Gas)

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 06/01/2008, Docket: CP06-407-002, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 65 Original Sheet No. 65 : Pending






7. Shipper nominations and requests for capacity (continued)


7.9 Any shipper whose scheduled quantity has been bumped by

an intra-day nomination shall be provided advance notice of such

by Transporter via telephone, facsimile transmission, or e-mail.

Such advance notice shall inform shippers whether any penalties

apply on the day shippers' volumes are reduced. Except during

critical periods, all penalties that arise due to bumping of an

interruptible shipper's quantity by a firm shipper's Intra-day 1

Nomination will be waived.


7.10 Notification of Scheduled Quantities: At the end of

each gas day, Transporter will provide the final scheduled

quantities for the just completed gas day. Receivers of the end

of gas day Scheduled Quantity document can waive the sender's

sending of the end of gas day Scheduled Quantity document.


7.11 Shipper and Transporter, on a nondiscriminatory basis,

may change the nomination procedure described above upon written

agreement or telephone agreement (to be confirmed in writing

within 10 days) so that receipts and deliveries may commence

earlier than provided by this schedule.


8. Contract Demand Adjustment


Should Transporter at any time determine that it can make

available total transmission capacity in excess of its aggregate

firm daily delivery obligations, nothing in this Tariff shall

prohibit Transporter and Shipper from mutually agreeing upon an

increase in Shipper's MDQ so long as Transporter offers any such

additional capacity to all Shippers in accordance with Section 6

of the General Terms and Conditions providing shipper executes a

Service Agreement setting forth the new volumes and that the

capacity and contractual quantity so released can be made

available to and offset by increases in Transporter's delivery

obligation to other Shippers; or by mutual agreement.