Mogas Pipeline LLC (Fomerly Missouri Interstate Gas)

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 06/01/2008, Docket: CP06-407-002, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 17 Original Sheet No. 17 : Pending







3. Rates and charges (continued)


only for the period agreed upon by Transporter. During such

period, the Negotiated Rate shall govern and apply to the

Shipper's service and the otherwise applicable rate, rate

component, charge or credit, which the parties have agreed to

replace with the Negotiated Rate, shall not apply to, or be

available to, the Shipper. At the end of such period, the

otherwise applicable maximum rates or charges shall govern the

service provided to Shipper. Only those rates, rate components,

charges or credits identified by Transporter and Shipper in

writing as being superseded by a Negotiated Rate shall be

ineffective during the period that the Negotiated Rate is

effective; all other rates, rate components, charges or credits

prescribed, required, established or imposed by this Rate

Schedule or Transporter's Tariff shall remain in effect.

Transporter shall make any filings at the FERC necessary to

effectuate a Negotiated Rate. Transporter shall distinguish

negotiated rate agreements from recourse or discount rate

agreements. The rules for the use and nondiscriminatory

application of non-conforming negotiated rates are set forth in

Section 12 of the General Terms and Conditions.


4. Monthly Bill


The Monthly Bill for IT service shall be equal to:


(a) Commodity Charge: The applicable commodity rate

under Section 3.1 of this Rate Schedule multiplied by the

dekatherms of gas transported and delivered pursuant to this Rate

Schedule in the month.


(b) Authorized Overrun Service Charge: A charge equal

to the product of the applicable authorized overrun rate and any

authorized overrun quantities permitted by Transporter during the

billing month; and


(c) Other Fees and Charges: Any other fees and charges

applicable pursuant to Section 3 of this Rate Schedule.


5. Receipts and Deliveries


5.1 Transporter shall not be required to receive gas at

the Receipt Point if the Shipper has failed to make and properly

implement all necessary arrangements on upstream pipelines.


5.2 Transporter shall not be required to deliver gas at

the Delivery Point if Shipper has failed to make and properly

implement all necessary arrangements on downstream pipelines.