Mississippi Canyon Gas Pipeline, LLC

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/20/1998, Docket: CP96-159-006, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No.131 Original Sheet No.131 : Effective




19.6 Offer and Bid Procedures - (f) (cont'd)


bidder. A separate bid shall be submitted for each separate

RELEASING SHIPPER's Offer on which a bidder wishes to bid. The

price bid on any Offer of capacity must be submitted on a

reservation charge basis unless the Offer states that bids on a

volumetric rate basis are acceptable. All bids on Temporary

Releases of capacity must be for the specified Delivery and

Receipt Points offered. The Delivery Points and Receipt Points

awarded to the ACQUIRING SHIPPER under this Section 19 shall

constitute the only Exhibit A Receipt Points and Delivery Points

to which the ACQUIRING SHIPPER is entitled under the TSA or

temporary release agreement entered into with Transporter

pursuant to these provisions. However, the ACQUIRING SHIPPER

may utilize secondary Receipt and Delivery Points as capacity

is available.


(g) All bids shall be considered complete if, inter alia, the

following information is included:


(i) the bidder's name and the name, telephone number and

facsimile number of a contact party for the bidder;


(ii) the Offer number and contract number(s) of the RELEASING

SHIPPER's TSA on which the bid is being made;


(iii) the reservation charge bid per Dth stated in the number of

decimal places as stated per Pipelines Rate Schedules for

the released capacity or the reservation charge bid at a

volumetric rate per Dth if allowed by the Offer; and

comported in the manner specified by Offer;


(iv) whether the bidder is a prearranged ACQUIRING SHIPPER;


(v) the term for which the bid is being made if the Offer

allows bids on less than the term offered;


(vi) if allowed by the Offer of capacity from an FT-2 TSA,

whether the bid is for service under Rate Schedule FT-1 or



(vii) if the Offer allows bids on less than the full capacity

offered, the transportation capacity requested at each

Delivery and Receipt Point;