Mississippi Canyon Gas Pipeline, LLC

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/20/1998, Docket: CP96-159-006, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No.23 Original Sheet No.23 : Effective






(d) Shipper Certification: A statement by the

Shipper certifying that all necessary upstream and

downstream arrangements will be in place on the

date the transportation service is to commence and

that Shipper will have title to the gas to be

delivered to Transporter.


(e) Facilities: Identification and location of

any facilities to be constructed or installed by

any party affected by the proposed transportation



(f) Committed Field(s): Identification of the

OCS or State waters Blocks that define the Committed

Field(s), Shipper's interest therein, and supporting

documentation of estimated proven recoverable reserves

from the Committed Field(s). Partial commitments of a

Field will only be accepted for the Mars Field and

shall be in the form of a specified percentage of the

natural gas produced by or for the account of Shipper

from the Mars Field.


Pursuant to subsection 6.2(a), if in Transporter's

judgment a submitted estimated production profile is

not reasonable, then Transporter and Shipper shall meet

and review the associated technical data that is the

basis for the estimated production profile submitted by

Shipper. Transporter and Shipper shall make a good

faith attempt to concur on an estimated production

profile which shall be utilized pursuant to subsection

6.2(a). If the parties can not reach agreement on an

estimated production profile, then the technical data

shall be supplied to a mutually acceptable and

technically competent third party on a confidential

basis to develop an estimated production profile which

shall be utilized pursuant to subsection 6.2(a). All

third party costs shall be equally borne by Shipper and



6.3 Credit Evaluation


(a) Any person seeking new service from

Transporter under Rate Schedule FT-2 must provide

in priority order: