Sea Robin Pipeline Company, LLC

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/31/2004, Docket: RP05- 87-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 383 Original Sheet No. 383 : Effective








2.4 Temporary Release


(a) In the event that prior to a Month or during a Month

Shipper nominates and has available for transportation

(x) a daily quantity of production from Committed

Lease(s) that in the aggregate exceeds the sum of (y) the

daily amount of capacity available for transportation on

Sea Robin's Pipeline System under all of Shipper's

existing FTS-2 Agreement(s), plus (z) the daily quantity

of ITS and FTS service from the Committed Lease(s) that

Sea Robin reasonably expects to be able to provide to

Shipper during such Month, then Shipper shall, upon

request to Sea Robin, be released for such Month, or the

remainder of such Month, as applicable, from its

obligations under Section 2.1 of a daily quantity of gas

of up to (x) minus the sum of (y) plus (z) (the

"Temporary Release Quantity").


(b) The Temporary Release Quantity shall be deemed to be the

last quantities produced, so that any release under this

Section 2.4 is applicable only to the daily production

quantity in excess of the quantity that Sea Robin is able

to accept into Sea Robin's Pipeline System on a given



(c) Shipper may deliver the Temporary Release Quantity from

any field(s) under its Committed Lease(s) which Shipper



2.5 Permanent Release


This Section 2.5 applies to gas produced from Committed

Lease(s) in excess of a Shipper's firm effective or future

Maximum Daily Quantity ("MDQ"). In the event Shipper has had

Temporary Release Quantities for more than ninety (90)

consecutive Days or for more than ninety (90) Days during any

consecutive one hundred eighty (180) Day period or if Shipper

wishes to increase its MDQs to accommodate production from

new fields that were not included in Shipper's initial

production development plan for the Committed Lease(s)

submitted to Sea Robin under Section 1.1 above at the time of

execution of this Agreement, Shipper may request in writing

from Sea Robin a prospective permanent release of the daily

quantities of gas in future Delivery Periods in excess of the

daily quantities of FTS-2 service that Sea Robin is able to