Sea Robin Pipeline Company, LLC

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/31/2004, Docket: RP05- 87-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 179 Original Sheet No. 179 : Effective









15.1 Statement


Following the initiation of deliveries under the Service

Agreement, Sea Robin shall render to Shipper an invoice for the

transportation services provided in the previous Month on or

before the ninth (9th) Business Day after the end of the

production Month. The imbalance statement shall be rendered

prior to or with the invoice. Prior to invoicing Shipper, Sea

Robin shall offset the bill by all amounts owed by Sea Robin to

Shipper for that Month; provided, however, this offset shall

not affect disputed amounts.


15.2 Payment


Sea Robin's services are contingent upon Shipper's obligation

to pay for the services contemplated under the Service

Agreement in a timely fashion. Shipper shall pay to Sea Robin

by wire transfer or other acceptable means of electronic bank

transfer in accordance with such instructions as Sea Robin may

from time to time provide the amount due Sea Robin for

transportation services provided pursuant to the Service

Agreement during the appropriate Month as reflected in the

billing described above, within ten (10) calendar days after

Sea Robin has tendered such billing to Shipper. All payments

made by Shipper shall include Sea Robin's invoice number(s) for

purposes of matching the payment to the invoice. Should

Shipper fail to pay all of the amount of any bill as herein

provided when such amount is due, interest on the unpaid

portion of the bill shall accrue at the maximum allowable

interest permitted under the Federal Energy Regulatory

Commission's (Commission) Regulations. Sea Robin shall waive

interest charges on a late payment if such charge is not in

excess of $5.00 or if Shipper, through no fault of its own,

fails to receive its monthly invoice by the payment due date

and notifies Sea Robin of such failure. If such failure to pay

continues for twenty (20) days after payment is due, upon prior

notice to Shipper, Sea Robin may suspend performance of future

service pending such assurance of payments, may demand

reasonable security for payment, or may require advance payment

in cash or on a more frequent basis than a monthly billing