Sea Robin Pipeline Company, LLC

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/31/2004, Docket: RP05- 87-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 175 Original Sheet No. 175 : Effective







13. MEASUREMENT (Continued)


not exceeding 15 days) between the time the metering equipment

was adjusted to register correctly and the date of the last

previous meter test. If for any reason the measuring equipment

is out of service or out of repair so that the amount of gas

delivered cannot be ascertained or computed from the readings

thereof, the amount of gas delivered during such period shall

be estimated and agreed upon by the use of the first of the

following methods which is feasible: (a) by using the

registration of any check measuring equipment if installed and

accurately registering; (b) by correcting the error if the

percentage of error is ascertainable by calibration, test or

mathematical calculation; or (c) by estimating the quantity of

gas delivered by reference to actual deliveries during

preceding periods under similar conditions when the equipment

in question was registering accurately.


13.11 New Measurement Methods


Any new methods of measurement, electronic or otherwise, that

conform to industry standards for orifice, turbine, or other

metering methods may be used by Sea Robin as it deems

necessary, upon notification to Shipper.


13.12 Check Measuring Equipment


Either party may install, maintain and operate at its own

expense, at or near each Sea Robin Point of Receipt and/or each

Sea Robin Point of Delivery such check measuring equipment as

desired, provided that such equipment is installed so as not to

interfere with the operation of any other measuring equipment.


Whenever any Point of Receipt or Delivery provided for is on

the premises of the delivering party, the receiving party shall

have the right of free use and ingress and egress at all

reasonable times for the purpose of installation, operation,

repair or removal of such check measuring equipment.


In the event check measuring equipment is installed by either

party, the other party shall have access to the same at all

reasonable times, but the reading, calibration and adjusting

thereof and the changing of charts shall be done only by the

party installing the checking equipment.