Sea Robin Pipeline Company, LLC

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/31/2004, Docket: RP05- 87-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 145 Original Sheet No. 145 : Effective









7.1 If Sea Robin is experiencing capacity constraints or operational

conditions defined below at certain Points of Receipt or

Delivery because of the variance between Shippers' nominations

and actual receipts and/or deliveries for Shippers' accounts,

Sea Robin will give Shippers twenty-four (24) hours' notice

prior to any Day or Month in which it will issue an Operational

Flow Order which will result in the assessment of scheduling

penalties set forth in Section 7.1 (a),(b),(c), or (d) at the

specified Point of Receipt and/or Delivery. The notice shall

provide the time and date of commencement and list all Points of

Receipt and/or Delivery where the scheduling penalties will be

assessed, the time the Operational Flow Order is expected to

remain in effect, the operating variables providing the basis

for the Operational Flow Order, and any other information which

may be required in the circumstances. Within a reasonable

period of time following the end of the Operational Flow Order,

Sea Robin will post on Messenger a report detailing the

conditions that required the issuance and termination of the

Operational Flow Order. For purposes of this Section 7, an

Operational Flow Order shall be defined as an order issued to

alleviate condition or conditions, inter alia, on Sea Robin's

Pipeline System which threaten or could threaten the safe

operations or system integrity of the Pipeline System or to

maintain operations required to provide efficient and reliable

firm service.


(a) If during any Month of transportation the total nominated

quantities for all of Sea Robin's Point(s) of Receipt vary

by more than ten (10) percent of such nominations from the

total monthly quantities received by Sea Robin at all such

Points of Receipt, a scheduling penalty shall be assessed

each Shipper whose total nominated quantities for any Point

of Receipt vary by more than ten (10) percent of such

nominations from the total monthly quantities received by

Sea Robin at each such Point of Receipt during such Month on

behalf of such Shipper; provided, however, that said

scheduling penalty shall not be assessed if said variance

occurs solely because of Sea Robin's inability to accept gas

delivered to Sea Robin for Shipper's account or because of

an event of force majeure. Shipper shall pay $1.00 per Dth

for each Dth of gas received by Sea Robin for the account of

Shipper at each Point of Receipt in excess of the allowed