Sea Robin Pipeline Company, LLC

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/31/2004, Docket: RP05- 87-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 127 Original Sheet No. 127 : Effective









Standard 1.4.3 with another Service Provider (Confirming

Party) with respect to a nomination at a location. A

Confirming Party is a Service Provider, including a Point

Operator, which provides a confirmation for a quantity of

gas via the information outlined in NAESB Standard 1.4.4 to

a Confirmation Requester with respect to a nomination at a

location. Confirming Parties refers to a Confirmation

Requester and the Confirming Party. The receiver of a

nomination initiates the confirmation process. The party

that would receive a Confirmation Request or an unsolicited

Confirmation Response may waive the obligation of the

sender to send. Confirming Parties may agree that one

party deems all requests at a location are confirmed by the

other party (Confirmation By Exception) without a response

communication from that party. The Confirmation By

Exception party can take exception to any Confirmation

Request by so informing the Confirmation Requester within a

mutually agreed upon time frame. Absent mutual agreement

between the Confirming Parties, the explicit confirmation

process is the default methodology. The explicit

confirmation process requires that the Confirming Party

respond to a Confirmation Request or initiate an

unsolicited Confirmation Response. Under the explicit

confirmation process, if the Confirming Parties do not

agree upon a nomination quantity, then the lesser of the

confirmation quantities should be the confirmed quantity;

provided that for decreases during the intraday

nomination/confirmation process, the confirmed quantity

shall not be less then the elapsed-prorated-scheduled



When a Confirmation Requester receives a Confirmation

Response document from a Confirming Party by the conclusion

of a given quarter hour period, the Confirmation Requester

will send to the Confirming Party's designated site a

corresponding Confirmation Response Quick Response document

by the conclusion of the subsequent quarter hour period. A

given quarter hour will contain all transactions which

receipt time is less than the beginning of the subsequent

quarter hour.