Sea Robin Pipeline Company, LLC

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/31/2004, Docket: RP05- 87-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 110 Original Sheet No. 110 : Effective









Schedule FTS-2 shall be implemented until both the FTS-2

Agreement and Reserve Commitment Agreement have been executed

and returned to Sea Robin. Once the FTS-2 Agreement and Reserve

Commitment Agreement have been executed, service must commence

within thirty (30) days of Shipper's requested commence date or

the FTS-2 Agreement will automatically terminate, unless the

facilities or drilling activities required to commence service

have not been completed in which case the commence date may be

extended as provided below upon written request to Sea Robin. If

such extension is necessary, Sea Robin shall have the right to

make generally available Shipper's capacity during the interim

period until the first of the Month after the facilities are

complete and gas is ready to flow. Shipper will make every

effort to request a timely commence date that coincides with the

completion date of any facilities required to render service

hereunder and to inform Sea Robin as soon as possible of any

changes in Shipper's construction or drilling schedule that

might change the commence date before an extension is necessary.

In any event, the FTS-2 Agreement will automatically terminate

six (6) months after any extension of the commence date unless

Shipper agrees to pay the reservation charge set forth above in

Section 3.1(b) of Rate Schedule FTS-2 for any months after the

six (6) month extension and before the first full Month of



2.6 For the term of service and MDQs so accepted, such service shall

be unaffected by and shall have priority over subsequent service

to the extent provided in Section 3 hereof without regard to the

date of commencement specified in such request for service. If

Shipper fails to execute and tender to Sea Robin the Service

Agreement and Reserve Commitment Agreement, if applicable,

within thirty (30) days of the date tendered by Sea Robin,

Shipper's transportation request shall lose the priority which

it otherwise would have been accorded. Sea Robin will

nonetheless maintain Shipper's inactive transportation request

in its files. Shipper may reactivate said transportation

request which has lost its initial priority by notifying Sea

Robin and Sea Robin shall assign said transportation request a

new priority in the Transportation Log as of the date and time

Sea Robin receives such notification from Shipper.