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Effective Date: 11/01/2003, Docket: RP03-611-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No.229 Original Sheet No.229 : Superseded







3.4 Pooler warrants and represents that by execution of this Pooling Service

Agreement hereunder, Pooler has the authority to nominate deliveries of the

gas supplies designated by Pooler into and out of the Pool. Pooler agrees to

indemnify, release and hold Pipeline harmless for any claims, costs, damages,

expenses (including attorneys’ fees and court costs), demands or causes of

action caused by Pipeline’s allocation of gas to the Pool under this Pooling

Service Agreement for which Pooler did not have the authority or title to



3.5 It is recognized and understood by the parties that the Pool created

hereunder is not a physical point on Pipeline’s system. Nothing contained

herein shall obligate Pipeline to construct or install facilities to implement

service hereunder.







4.1 Pooler shall nominate gas for delivery into its Pool and delivery out of

its Pool pursuant to the procedures of Section 5 of the GT&Cs of Pipelines

Tariff. Pooler’s nominations shall be used to confirm nominations for

deliveries to the Pool under Service Agreements.


4.2 Pooler shall provide to Pipeline on its nomination form the names of

Shippers nominating gas for delivery into the Pool, the contract numbers under

which the gas is being transported into the Pool, the quantities of gas

nominated by each Shipper, a Receipt Point ranking for such quantities as

described below in Section 4.3, and any such other information as Pipeline may

deem necessary to render this pooling service hereunder.


4.3 Pooler shall provide a predetermined ranking of all of the Receipt

Points and associated volumes served by the Pool to be used by Pipeline to

limit the deliveries by such Pool in the event of an interruption or reduction

in Pooler’s supplies or a capacity constraint at any of Pipeline’s Receipt



4.4 In the event there is a capacity constraint at a Receipt Point, Pooler’s

nominations at such constrained Receipt Point shall be scheduled consistent

with other scheduled service according to the priority of service for the

underlying Service Agreements at said Point. Any nomination by a Pooler at an

assigned Primary Receipt Point shall be scheduled on a firm basis pro rata

with other such Primary Receipt Point nominations under an FT Agreement.