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Effective Date: 11/01/2003, Docket: RP03-611-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No.227 Original Sheet No.227 : Superseded








1.4 Subject to the terms and provisions of this Agreement, the parties agree

that to the extent Pipeline is able to confirm and schedule the nominations

made by Pooler hereunder, the quantities of gas nominated by a Pooler for

delivery to the Pool from various Service Agreements shall be deemed to have

been received by the Pooler into the Pool.


1.5 Pooler recognizes and agrees that it is Pooler’s responsibility to

ensure that quantities delivered into a pool during a Gas Day equal quantities

delivered out of a pool. Pipeline reserves the right to cancel this Agreement

to the extent Pooler repeatedly fails to balance its receipts and deliveries

on a daily basis. Pipeline shall have the right to balance any discrepancy

between the total daily sum of the Aggregation Nominations and the total daily

sum of the Disaggregation Nominations for any Gas Day, and to apply an overrun



1.6 Any Imbalances accrued under this Pooling Service Agreement shall be

resolved pursuant to the provisions of Section 12.


1.7 This Pooling Service Agreement shall be subject to all operating

conditions on Pipeline’s system as such conditions may vary from time to time.


1.8 The transportation charges and fuel charges under the applicable FT or

IT Agreements will be used to transport gas under related Pooling Service

Agreement from the pool. Pipeline reserves the right to file to implement

charges to recover any and all costs of providing the pooling service

described hereunder.


1.9 Pipeline shall offer Title Tracking Transfer service under this







2.1 Subject to the provisions hereof, this Pooling Service Agreement shall

become effective as of the date first written above, and shall remain in full

force and effect for a primary term of one Month and shall continue and remain

in force and effect for successive terms of one Month each thereafter unless

and until canceled by either party giving written notice at least ten (10)

days prior to the end of the primary term or any monthly extension thereof.

The provisions for