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Effective Date: 11/01/2003, Docket: RP03-611-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No.162 Original Sheet No.162 : Superseded







available only on condition and to the extent that Pipeline and Shipper

have executed a written Agency Authorization Agreement that contains the

terms, conditions and fees applicable to such service and specifies the acts

with respect to which Pipeline or a third party is to act as agent for

Shipper. It is provided, however, that any such Agency Authorization

Agreement shall provide that any services arranged and any acts performed by

Pipeline or a third party under such Agency Authorization Agreement shall be

done expressly on behalf of Shipper, and that Shipper shall remain primarily

responsible for the payment to Pipeline or other provider of the fees and

charges for the services arranged and the acts performed on behalf of Shipper.

The Pipeline is authorized to accept the actions of an agent within the scope

of its authority to the same extend as it would accept the actions of Shipper,

shall provide that Shipper shall indemnify Pipeline and hold it harmless for

any loss or damage occasioned by agent’s actions or Pipeline’s reliance






Pipeline will respond verbally to any written complaint made by a

Shipper or potential shipper within 48 hours and will respond in writing to

such complaint within 30 days. Formal complaints should be directed to the

following contact person:


Samuel L. Dozier

SCG Pipeline Corp.

P.O. Box 764

Columbia, SC 29218


Fax 803-217-9148