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Effective Date: 11/01/2003, Docket: RP03-611-001, Status: Effective

Substitute Original Sheet No. 126 Substitute Original Sheet No. 126 : Superseded






13.7 The transportation charges and fuel charges

under the applicable FT and IT Agreements will

be used to transport gas under related Pooling

Service Agreement from the Pool. Pipeline

reserves the right to file to implement charges

to recover any and all costs of providing the

pooling service described hereunder.


13.8 Pipeline shall accommodate Title Transfer

Tracking ("TTT") at all pooling points where

TTT service is requested. Title Transfer

Tracking is the process of accounting for the

progression of title changes from party to

party that does not affect a physical transfer

of the gas. TTT service shall be made

available to Shipper subject to the nomination

and scheduling provisions of GT&Cs Sections 5

and 6.





The provisions set forth in this Section 14 shall

apply to all gas received or delivered by Pipeline.


14.1 If Shipper injects, transports or delivers non-

conforming gas to Pipeline, Shipper will be

responsible for and shall indemnify, and hold

harmless Pipeline with respect to any claims

(including attorney's fees), losses, and

damages (including punitive damages) and

injuries (property and environmental damage and

personal injury, including death) to property

of Pipeline or third persons as a result of the

non-conforming gas. Pipeline may clean up

and/or repair the damaged facility at Shipper's

expense. Shipper must reimburse Pipeline for

any costs, liabilities and expenses incurred by

Pipeline as a result of Shipper's non-

compliance except for claims, losses, damages

and injuries resulting from Pipeline's gross

negligence, undue discrimination, or willful

misconduct in handling. Pipeline may notify

the Shipper of receipt of non-conforming gas

and thereafter suspend receipt of any such gas.

Shipper receiving such notice must make

diligent efforts to correct the failure by

treatment or dehydration consistent with

prudent operation in order to deliver

conforming gas.


14.2 Natural or Artificial Gas. The gas

received or delivered by Pipeline hereunder

shall be a combustible gas consisting wholly

of, or a mixture of: