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Effective Date: 11/01/2003, Docket: RP03-611-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No.101 Original Sheet No.101 : Superseded







(i) whether bids should be submitted in dollars and cents or percentages of

maximum tariff rate;


(j) the bid evaluation method which shall be, at the Releasing Shipper's

option, either one of the following three standard evaluation methods:

highest rate, net revenue or present value; or alternative Releasing Shipper

defined bid evaluation methods pursuant to Section 11.2(k) below; provided,

however, that Pipeline shall not be required to process the capacity release

using the standard process timeline should the Releasing Shipper elect an

alternative method of bid evaluation;


(k) at the Releasing Shipper's option and in lieu of Pipeline implementing

the Best Bid determination stated in Section 11.5, the Releasing Shipper may

state the bid evaluation method. Such bid evaluation method shall be

objectively stated, applicable to all Replacement or Prearranged Shippers and

not unduly discriminatory and shall enable Pipeline to rank the bids received

by utilizing the weight assigned by the Releasing Shipper to each element of

the Releasing Shipper's Notice;


(l) whether contingent bids will be accepted and if so, for what time period

each contingent bidder will be allowed to eliminate the contingency; and, if

not eliminated, all details concerning the evaluation of other bids, including

the time period when the next highest bidder will be obligated to acquire the



(m) expiration of Matching Period if other than as specified in Section 11.3

herein; Releasing Shipper shall not be allowed to specify an extension of the

original Bid Period or the Prearranged deal Matching Period without posting a

new release; and


(n) any additional terms and conditions of releases that are objective and