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Effective Date: 11/01/2003, Docket: RP03-611-000, Status: Effective

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9.2 Notice of OFOs.


(a) If Pipeline is required to issue an OFO, Pipeline will post a notice of

such OFO on its Internet Web Site and will send an email or fax to Shipper(s)

with a description of the necessity of such order, the Shipper(s), Receipt

Points or Delivery Points or the section of the Pipeline impacted to which the

order is directed, and the anticipated duration of such order. To the extent

discrete Shipper(s) are not identified in any notice of an OFO, such order

will be applicable to all Shippers and will be posted on the Pipeline's

Internet Web Site. To the extent feasible under the circumstances, Pipeline

will post any notice of a Critical Mode OFO at least 2 hours prior to the last

nomination cycle prior to such order becoming effective. It is recognized,

however, that such prior notification may not be possible under all

circumstances. Pipeline will post a notice on the Pipeline's Internet Web Site

informing Shipper(s) when any OFO in effect will be canceled. If the

Pipeline's Internet Web Site is not operating properly, notices shall be sent

pursuant to Section 29.


(b) Based on an evaluation of current and forecasted system conditions,

Pipeline shall post by 1 p.m. CCT each Gas Day the operating conditions for

the current Gas Day and the projected operating conditions for the succeeding

two Gas Days. Such operating conditions will be posted to be Normal, Alert,

or Critical Mode. The operating conditions may be different for Delivery

Points within the various geographic areas of Pipeline’s system.