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Effective Date: 11/01/2003, Docket: RP03-611-000, Status: Effective

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The Delivery Point operator may select a form of PDA annually, provided

however, Pipeline may, in its sole judgment, accept changes to a Shipper’s PDA

election more frequently than once a year. If the Delivery Point operator

selects a swing PDA, it shall designate which services are to “take the swing”

on any day that measured quantities are greater than or less than the

scheduled quantities. The PDAs provided hereunder by such Delivery Point

operator to Pipeline shall include: name of Shipper, contract number and

quantity (limit value) at a transaction level and shall include a ranking of

all available firm services (scheduled or unscheduled) to which measured

quantities shall be allocated so as to eliminate or minimize any daily

unauthorized overruns under this section.


The limit value will be used, in part or in total, in conjunction with the

scheduled quantity to determine the total quantity to be allocated for the

specified transaction. The Delivery Point operator shall provide Pipeline

with unique limit values for high burn (measured quantities are in excess of

scheduled) or low burn (measured quantities are less than scheduled)

situations. PDAs provided by the Delivery Point operator shall be consistent

with the rate schedule(s) limitations and the provisions of Section 14 of the

GT&Cs. To the extent that the high burn PDAs do not fully use all available

firm services, Pipeline shall consider any measured quantities in excess of

the sum of the scheduled quantities and PDAs as dispatching variations

pursuant to Section 7.5 and unauthorized daily overruns, if applicable,

pursuant to this Section 7. If sufficient PDAs are not provided by the

Delivery Point operator in a low burn situation, Pipeline reserves the right

to reduce the allocated quantities to all available services of the