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Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/01/2003, Docket: RP03-611-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No.54 Original Sheet No.54 : Superseded







Primary Receipt Point shall mean a Receipt Point specified in a Service

Agreement under a firm transportation service rate schedule, at which Shipper

has a firm MDRQ.


Receipt Point shall mean the location at which gas enters Pipeline’s system

from a plant or upstream pipeline interconnect.


Request Date shall mean the date on which a Service Request is deemed valid

under Section 2 of the GT&Cs.


Secondary Delivery Point shall mean Delivery Points other than Primary

Delivery Points or any quantity in excess of Shipper’s MDDQ delivered to a

Primary Delivery Point.


Secondary Receipt Point shall mean Receipt Points other than Primary Receipt

Points or any quantity in excess of Shipper’s MDRQ delivered to a Primary

Receipt Point.


Service Agreement shall mean the Service Agreement executed by the Shipper and

Pipeline or otherwise made effective and any exhibits, attachments and/or

amendments thereto for transportation and/or other services pursuant to

Pipeline’s tariff; including a Negotiated Rate Service Agreement.


Service Request shall mean a request for service which meets the requirements

of Section 2 of the GT&Cs.


Shipper shall mean an entity that has executed a Service Agreement in the form

contained in this Tariff, providing for the transportation of gas and/or other

services by Pipeline.


Short Term Service Agreement shall mean a Service Agreement with a primary

term of less than twelve months from the effective date of the Service



Swing PDA shall mean the predetermined allocation methodology (“PDA”) used to

allocate gas flow among scheduled line item nominations at a point where one

of the scheduled line items, or alternatively a separate contract, is

designated as the “Swing.” All other scheduled line items are allocated the

scheduled quantity. The line item(s) identified as “swing” are allocated the