Sabine Pipe Line Company LLC

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 07/31/1993, Docket: RS92- 78-003, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 277 Original Sheet No. 277 : Superseded





13.1 Procedures


Measurement will be according to the Second Edition of

ANSI/API 2530-1985, entitled, "Orifice Metering of

Natural Gas and Other Related Hydrocarbon Fluids", as

amended or revised, hereinafter referred to as

"ANSI/API 2530".


13.2 Unit of Volumetric Measurement


The unit of volume for all purposes hereunder shall be

one standard cubic foot (1 Scf) as defined in

Subsection 1.23 of Section 1 of the General Terms and

Conditions. Correction for the deviation of the gas

from Boyle's Law at the pressures, temperatures and

specific gravities under which the gas is received or

delivered hereunder will be according to ANSI/API 2530.


13.3 Atmospheric Pressure


Atmospheric pressure shall be assumed to be fourteen

and seven tenths pounds per square inch absolute (14.7

psia) regardless of the actual elevation or location of

the Receipt or Delivery Point(s) above sea level or

variations of the actual atmospheric pressure at which

the gas is measured.


13.4 Temperature


Temperature shall be determined by means of a recording

thermometer of standard manufacture acceptable to both

Sabine and Upstream or Downstream Operator and

installed to properly record the temperature of the gas

received and delivered hereunder. The average

temperature recorded during the twenty-four (24) hour

period from the recording thermometer shall be deemed

to be the gas temperature for that day.