Sabine Pipe Line Company LLC

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 07/31/1993, Docket: RS92- 78-003, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 214 Original Sheet No. 214 : Superseded



3.6 Receipt and Delivery Points


Each Receipt Point and each Delivery Point on Sabine's

System is available for interruptible transportation

service subject to the allocation of capacity at such

points first to firm transportation service and second

to interruptible transportation service with a higher

priority in accordance with Subsection 3.2. Subject to

the availability of capacity, a Shipper may utilize, on

an interruptible basis, any Receipt or Delivery Point

up to the lesser of the daily transportation quantities

at each Receipt or Delivery Point or the Maximum Daily

Transportation Quantity set forth in its Interruptible

Service Agreement with Sabine. A Shipper may amend its

Interruptible Service Agreement to add or delete

Receipt Point(s) and/or Delivery Point(s), or modify

Receipt Point or Delivery Point daily transportation

quantities, subject to the superior priority at such

points accorded to firm service and to other Shippers

pursuant to Subsection 3.2. In the event that a

Shipper adds or changes Receipt Points and/or Delivery

Points, changes Receipt Point or Delivery Point daily

transportation quantities, or changes or increases its

Maximum Daily Transportation Quantity, the Shipper

shall not lose its priority of service as to its

previous Receipt or Delivery Point daily transportation

quantities or its Maximum Daily Transportation

Quantity, and a new priority of service shall be

limited solely to the incremental quantities added to

each Receipt or Delivery Point under the Shipper's

amended Interruptible Service Agreement.


3.7 Interruption of Service


Sabine retains all rights at any and all times during

the term of an executed Interruptible Service Agreement

to decrease or temporarily suspend receipt and/or

delivery of gas if such capacity is required to render

service of a higher priority. If Sabine exercises such

rights, Shipper shall hold Sabine harmless from any

loss, claim, damage or expense that such Shipper or

other party may incur by reason of such decrease or