Sabine Pipe Line Company LLC

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 06/19/2006, Docket: RP06-363-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 313 Original Sheet No. 313 : Effective



26.3 Negotiated Rate Filing Requirement


No later than the Business Day on which Sabine commences

service under a Negotiated Rate Service Agreement, Sabine

will submit to the Commission a tariff sheet stating the

name of the Shipper, the Rate Schedule, term, contract

quantity, Negotiated Rate, and Primary Receipt and Delivery

Point(s), if applicable. If the Day on which Sabine

commences service is not a Business Day, then Sabine will

submit such tariff sheet no later than the next Business Day

after Sabine commences service.


Unless Sabine executes and files a Non-conforming Service

Agreement, such tariff sheet will contain a statement that

the Negotiated Rate Service Agreement does not deviate in

any material aspect from the Form of Service Agreement in

Sabine's FERC Gas Tariff for the applicable Rate Schedule..


26.4 Limitations


The Section 26 does not authorize Sabine to negotiate terms

and conditions of service.


26.5 Discount-Type Adjustment


Sabine reserves the right in future general rate proceedings

to seek a discount-type adjustment for Negotiated Rate