Sabine Pipe Line Company LLC

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 10/01/2006, Docket: RP06-582-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 204A1 Original Sheet No. 204A1 : Effective



1.220 Navigational Area (NAESB WGQ 4.2.7)

The term used to describe the area on the left side

of the browser display providing links to the

Content Area and other navigational links.

Navigational Area is not required to be displayed on

Customer Activities Web pages where data entry,

reporting or inquiry are displayed.


1.221 Negotiated Rate

This term shall mean a rate or formula for computing

a rate for Transportation service which may be

greater than, equal to or less than the Recourse

Rate, but which may not be less than the Minimum

Tariff Rate(s) as set forth on the currently

effective Sheet No. 20 of this FERC Gas Tariff. A

Negotiated Rate must be mutually agreed upon by

Sabine and Shipper for a specific time period and

may be based on a rate design other than the rate

design used to compute Sabine's currently effective



1.225 Netting (NAESB WGQ 2.2.3)

The term used to describe the process of resolving

imbalances for a service requester within an

Operational Impact Area. There are two types of

Netting: (1) summing is the accumulation of all

imbalances above any applicable tolerances for a

service requester or agent; and (2) offsetting is

the combination of positive and negative imbalances

above any applicable tolerances for a service

requester or agent.