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Effective Date: 06/01/2009, Docket: RP09-365-000, Status: Effective

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18.5 Prearranged Releases Subject to Prior Notice


Prearranged Releases with a term greater than 31 days must be

posted for bidding pursuant to the requirements of this Section

18.5 regardless of the rate charged, unless such Prearranged

Release is to an asset manager as defined in Section 284.8(h)(3)

of the Commission's Regulations, or to a marketer participating

in a state-regulated retail access program as defined in Section

284.8(h)(4) of the Commission's Regulations. For each such release,

Releasing Customer shall notify Company via Company's EBB service

or electronic data interchange of such release. Company shall post

the notice of prearranged offer for release on its EBB service or

through electronic data interchange. The notification shall include

the following information:


(a) The identity of the Releasing Customer unless Releasing

Customer elects otherwise.


(b) The term of the Prearranged Release.


(c) All conditions of release objectively stated, including but

not limited to any Recall Rights.


(d) The Rate Schedule and specific quantity of capacity to be released.


(e) The prearranged daily demand charge per Dt/d of vaporization

quantity entitlement applicable to the capacity to be released.


(f) The start and end dates for the posting period for competitive bids.


(g) The criteria for selecting the Best Bid.


(h) The date and time of the offer posting.


(i) Length of time for a prearranged Customer to match the terms

and conditions of the Best Bid.


(j) Whether Contingent Bids are permitted and, if so, the length of

time during which the contingent bidder(s) will be allowed to

accept or decline the capacity without condition.