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Effective Date: 06/01/2009, Docket: RP09-365-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 52 Original Sheet No. 52


16.2 Definitions


(a) Effective Date. Company shall adjust its rates annually

to be effective each October 1. Company shall comply with the notice

requirements of Section 154.22 of the Commission's Regulations.


(b) Unit Rate. Company's Unit Rate shall be the unit rate

used by the Commission to determine the annual charge assessment

to Company adjusted, as appropriate, to a thermal basis.


(c) Affected Rate Schedules. The affected Rate Schedules are all

storage Rate Schedules contained in Company's Original Volume No.

1 FERC Gas Tariff.


16.3 Procedures to Determine Annual Charge Adjustment (ACA) Unit Rate.


Company shall determine the ACA Unit Rate by utilizing the unit

rate used by the Commission to determine Company's annual charge

adjustment and adjust such unit rate, as appropriate, to a

thermal basis. Company shall round such Unit Rate to the nearest

one-hundredth of one cent ($0.0001). Company will assess the ACA

Unit Rate on the quantities withdrawn under Rate Schedule LF-F

and LF-I.




17.1 Nominations


(a) Customer shall notify or cause Company to be notified of

Customer's receipt and delivery requirements under all firm and

interruptible rate schedules in advance of such requirements.

Company, in its sole judgment, may waive any nomination and

ranking deadlines, on a non-discriminatory basis, if Company

determines that operating conditions permit. At a receipt or

delivery point, the lesser of rule (as identified in NAESB

Standard 1.3.22, Version 1.5) applies when confirming. With

respect to Customer's desired levels of service under firm and

interruptible rate schedules, a nomination made through

electronic data interchange shall include all mandatory

Commission-approved data elements; for a nomination made through

Company's EBB, Customer shall furnish Company the following:


(i) the desired receipt and delivery points, the

corresponding daily quantities, and the schedule ranks;


(ii) names of entities who will deliver gas to Company

and entities who will receive gas from Company;