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Effective Date: 06/01/2009, Docket: RP09-365-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 46 Original Sheet No. 46




(a) Payment of Bills


Except as otherwise hereinafter provided in this Section 7,

Customer shall pay to Company by wire transfer of immediately

available funds on or before the 20th day of each month Company's

bill for service rendered during the preceding calendar month and

any adjustment of these charges for the previous month.


If the payment date is not a Business Day then payment is due

the following Business Day.


Party making payment should submit supporting documentation;


receiving payment should apply payment per supporting

documentation provided by the paying party; and if payment

differs from invoiced amount, remittance detail should be

provided with the payment, except when payment is made by

electronic funds transfer (EFT), in which case the remittance

detail is due within two Business Days of the payment due date.

The Statement of Account should report outstanding balances by



(b) Failure to Pay


Should Customer fail to pay the full amount of any bill as

herein provided when such amount is due, interest on the unpaid

portion of such amount shall accrue at the rate equal to the

interest rate calculated in accordance with 18 C.F.R. Section

154.501(d)(1) of the Commission's Regulations from the due date

until the date of payment. If such failure to pay continues for

30 days after payment is due, Company, in addition to any other

remedy it may have hereunder, may notify Customer in writing of

its nonpayment, allowing Customer thirty days to make payment of

any unpaid amount and to provide assurances satisfactory to

Company that such non-payment will not recur. Company will not

suspend service under this Section 7(b) until ten days after the

end of such thirty-day period, and then only upon written notice

to Customer and the Commission.


If Customer in good faith shall dispute the amount of any such

bill or any part thereof, Customer shall provide written notice

of its dispute including documentation identifying basis of dispute

and shall either (1) pay to Company the full amount of such bill,

subject to refund as described in Section 7(c) below, or (2) pay

to Company such amount as it concedes to be correct, and at any

time thereafter within 30 days of a demand made by Company, shall

furnish good and sufficient surety bond from a surety on the U.S.

Treasury approved list guaranteeing payment to Company of the

amount finally determined to be due. If, under option (2) as set

forth in the immediately preceding sentence, Customer, at

Company's demand, posts a surety bond and the amount finally

determined to be due is that amount which Customer asserted