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Effective Date: 06/01/2009, Docket: RP09-365-000, Status: Effective

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accuracy of such equipment more frequently than once in any

one-hundred, eighty (180) day period.


In the event either party shall notify the other that it

desires a special test of any measuring equipment, the

parties shall cooperate to secure a prompt verification of

the accuracy of such equipment. The expense of such special

tests as may be requested by Customer shall be borne by

Customer if the measuring equipment, by such tests, is found

to be correct.


(f) Adjustment for Inaccuracy


If, upon test, any measurement equipment is found to be

inaccurate, such equipment shall be adjusted at once to

record correctly, and the amount of error shall be

determined by the most accurate method feasible. If, upon

test, any measurement equipment is found to be inaccurate by

an amount exceeding two percent (2.0%) in the measurement of

gas quantities since the last preceding test, then the

calculated deliveries of gas shall be adjusted to compensate

for such error. Such adjustment shall be made for such period

of inaccuracy which is definitely known. If the period of

inaccuracy is not definitely known or agreed upon, such

correction shall be for a period extending over one-half of

the time elapsed since the date of the last test, not

exceeding a correction period of sixteen (16) days. Measurement

data corrections should be processed within six (6) months of

the production month with a three (3) month rebuttal period.

This standard shall not apply in the case of deliberate

omission or misrepresentation or mutual mistake of fact.

Parties' other statutory or contractual rights shall not

otherwise be diminished

by this standard.


(g) Maintenance of Records


Company and Customer shall preserve all original or equivalent

electronic test data, charts, or other similar records for a

period required by the applicable rules of regulatory agencies

having jurisdiction.


(h) New Measurement Methods


If at any time a new method or technique is developed with

respect to gas measurement or the determination of the factors

used in such gas measurement, such new method or technique may

be used by Company.