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Effective Date: 06/01/2009, Docket: RP09-365-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 24 Original Sheet No. 24


(e) The size of the transporting vehicle shall not be in excess

of a size that can safely navigate the roads at Company's

liquefied natural gas storage facility.


(f) The quantity of liquefied natural gas delivered by Company to

Customer shall be determined by having the transportation

vehicles weighed on certified scales before and after loading.

The carrier shall have the responsibility of furnishing Company

with certified weights prior to, and after, loading with liquefied

natural gas. Company shall approve the location of weighings

and shall have the option to witness all such weighings. The weight

of liquefied natural gas so delivered shall be converted into

dekatherms in accordance with the American Gas Association Gas

Measurement Committee Report No. 5 of Fuel Gas Energy Metering, as

amended, expanded or superseded from time to time, applied in an

appropriate manner.




On each day Customer receives service under this rate schedule, Customer

shall schedule a same day delivery of natural gas to Company at Company's

natural gas storage facilities. Quantities of natural gas concurrently

delivered to Company shall be equivalent to the dekatherms delivered by

Company to Customer under this rate schedule, plus the applicable fuel

retention factor to compensate for fuel and gas otherwise used or lost

and unaccounted for in Company's





Requests for service hereunder shall be considered acceptable only if Customer

has completed and returned Company's service request form (which is available

to all Customers and potential Customers on request) to the following address:


UGI LNG Company

Attention: Facilities Manager

5665 Leesport Avenue

Temple, PA 19610


Such requests for service shall contain the information specified in Company's

service request form, as such may be revised from

time to time, and


a) Either with the request for service or at the time of execution of the

service agreement, such other information, in writing, as is required to

comply with regulatory reporting or filing requirements; and