Richfield Gas Storage System

Substitute Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 04/15/1993, Docket: CP92-285-002, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 17 Original Sheet No. 17 : Superseded





THIS AGREEMENT, made and entered into as of this _____ day

of _________________, by and between RICHFIELD GAS STORAGE

SYSTEM, hereinafter called "Richfield," and

______________________________, hereinafter called "Customer."


WHEREAS, Richfield proposes to construct, own and operate a

natural gas storage system under authority of certificates of

public convenience and necessity of the governing regulatory

body; and


WHEREAS, Customer is in need of storage service to enable it

to meet the peak day and Winter Period requirements of its

customers during the __________ and subsequent heating seasons

and is desirous of utilizing a portion of the gas storage

capacity proposed to be constructed by Richfield; and


WHEREAS, Customer has an effective Firm or Interruptible

Transportation or Sales Service Agreement with any connecting

pipeline, containing Points of Delivery or Redelivery in Stevens

or Morton County, Kansas or will have such an agreement upon the

effective date hereof; and


WHEREAS, Richfield is willing to perform firm gas storage

services for Customer in accordance with the terms and conditions

set forth below;


NOW, THEREFORE, for and in consideration of the premises and

the mutual covenants hereinafter contained, Customer and

Richfield agree as follows:






1.1 Maximum Daily Firm Deferred Quantity. Customer's

Maximum Daily Firm Deferred Quantity is specified in Exhibit



1.2 Maximum Storage Capacity. Customer's Maximum

Storage Capacity is specified in Exhibit "A" and shall

remain fixed for the term of this Agreement.


1.3 Delivery Schedule. Upon Customer's request,

Richfield may, on any day, accept the quantity of gas

tendered by Customer at the Point of Injection for