Portland Natural Gas Transmission System

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/01/2000, Docket: RP01- 50-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 337A Portland Natural Gas Transmission System: First Revised Volume No. 1

Original Sheet No. 337A : Superseded





8.10 Imbalance Trading and Netting.


(a) Imbalance Trading. Imbalance Trading is available for any daily

imbalance that would otherwise be resolved pursuant to Section 8.3(b) above or

Section 8.10(b) below. Transporter shall allow Shippers to trade daily

imbalances within the part of the pipeline from Pittsburg, New Hampshire and

Westbrook, Maine (PNGTS North), and within the part of the pipeline from

Westbrook, Maine and Dracut, Massachusetts (Joint Facilities). Trading of

imbalances between these two parts of the pipeline is permitted, but may be

restricted by Transporter from time-to-time based on its review of the

operational feasibility of such trading. Transporter will allow Shippers to

trade daily imbalances if the two daily imbalances offset each other in such a

way that the net daily imbalance after the completion of the trade for each

Shipper would be reduced to a quantity closer to zero. A Shipper may trade any

daily imbalance with another Shipper, provided that the trade does not violate

any notices issued by Transporter relating to operation of Transporter's system.

A Shipper with a daily imbalance resulting from deliveries by Transporter in

excess of receipts from Shipper on that day will reimburse Transporter for any

difference in transportation revenues that result from such trading.


Imbalance trading may be done at any time during the gas flow month, and

until the seventeenth Business Day after the end of the month. To facilitate the

trading process, Transporter will, upon receipt of Shipper's authorization, post

the Shipper's daily imbalance quantity on Transporter's Interactive Internet

Website. Authorizations to post imbalances that are received by Transporter by

11:45 A.M. will be effective by 8 A.M. the next business day (central clock

time). An authorization to post imbalances will remain in effect until cancelled

by the Shipper giving the authorization. Daily imbalances previously authorized

for posting will be posted as they become available, but no later than the ninth

business day of the month; however, Transporter will not be required to post zero

imbalances. The information posted will also identify the contract, the area

within which the imbalance arose (PNGTS North or Joint Facilities), and the gas

day applicable to the posted daily imbalance quantity. Transporter will provide

to all customers the ability to view, and upon request, download posted imbalance



Transporter shall enable the imbalance trading process by (i) receiving the

request for imbalance trade, (ii) receiving the imbalance trade confirmation,

(iii) sending the imbalance trade notification to all affected parties, and (iv)

reflecting the trade prior to or on the next monthly Shipper Imbalance. When

trading imbalances, the quantity to be traded must be specified. After receipt

of an imbalance trade confirmation, Transporter will send the imbalance trade

notification to the initiating trader and the confirming trader no later than

noon (central clock time) on the next business day. Imbalance trades can only be

withdrawn by the initiating trader and only prior to the confirming trader's

confirmation of the trade. Imbalance trades are considered final when confirmed

by the confirming trader. Transporter shall update the Shipper's daily imbalance

data to reflect any final trades of imbalance quantities no later than 9 a.m. CT

on the next business day after the trade is finalized.


(b) Imbalance Netting. A Shipper may net Shipper Imbalances between

its service agreements, provided that Transporter will be reimbursed for any

difference in Transportation revenues that result from such netting.