Portland Natural Gas Transmission System

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Effective Date: 02/11/1999, Docket: CP96-248-009, Status: Effective

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misrepresentation or omission or mutual mistake of fact. The responding

party to such dispute shall provide any rebuttal claims to the other party

within three months of receipt of notice of dispute.


15.6 Adjustment of Bills. If it is determined that at any time or

times Shipper has been overcharged or undercharged under the provisions of the

Gas Transportation Contract and Shipper has actually paid the bills containing

such overcharge or undercharge, then within thirty (30) Days after the final

determination thereof, subject to the limitations in Section 15.5(b) above,

Transporter shall refund the amount of any such overcharge, and Shipper

shall pay the amount of any such undercharge; provided, however, that interest

calculated in accordance with Section 15.4(a) shall apply to any undercharge

not paid and to any overcharge not returned within thirty (30) Days from the

date of Transporter's notification to Shipper of the amount of the undercharge

or overcharge. In the event an error is discovered by Shipper in the amount

billed in any statement rendered by Transporter, such error shall be adjusted

within thirty (30) Days of the final determination thereof provided that claim

therefore shall have been made within six (6) months from the date of the

initial transportation invoice month in which such overcharge or undercharge

occurred except claims for government required rate changes.


15.7 Examination of Books. Both Transporter and Shipper have the right

to examine at any reasonable time the books, records and charts of the other

to the extent necessary to verify the accuracy of any statement, chart, or

computation made under or pursuant to the provisions of this Tariff or the Gas

Transportation Contract.






TF03 367 0 5P126Original Sheet No.367






16.1 Reimbursable Costs. Shipper shall reimburse Transporter for the

following costs, to the extent that they are attributable to Shipper:


(a) Except as provided by Section 6.2 herein, the costs of any

facilities, other than System facilities, installed by Transporter with

Shipper's consent to receive, measure, transport or deliver Gas for the

account of Shipper;


(b) Filing fees required in connection with the Gas

Transportation Contract(s) that Transporter is obligated to pay to the FERC or

any other governmental authority having jurisdiction, less generally

applicable regulatory fees necessary for rendition of Transporter's service

generally to all customers;


(c) Any and all occupation, sales tax, user fee, or taxes or fees

similar in nature or equivalent in effect which are now or hereafter imposed

or assessed against Transporter by any lawful authority as a result of the

transportation of Gas pursuant to the Gas Transportation Contract(s), and

which the FERC has determined, after a Section 4 rate filing, to be directly

assignable to the specific service to be rendered by Transporter on behalf of

Shipper thereunder; and


(d) Any and all overrun costs including:


(1) costs incurred by Transporter to correct the effect of

any tampering with or alteration of Transporter's facilities which permitted

an overall overrun to occur at the affected Delivery Point and the costs

incurred by Transporter to repair such facilities;


(2) costs incurred by Transporter to acquire additional Gas

to prevent or alleviate curtailments and to reestablish appropriate

operating pressure on its System;


(3) penalties paid by Transporter to third parties; and


(4) costs incurred by Transporter to collect overrun