Portland Natural Gas Transmission System

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 09/01/2006, Docket: RP06-449-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 573 Original Sheet No. 573 : Effective


set forth in Transporter's notice, Shipper agrees to pay the applicable

discounted or negotiated reservation and/or usage rate in lieu of the maximum

reservation and/or usage rate.




This Contract and all provisions contained or incorporated herein are subject

to the provisions of Rate Schedule HRS and of the General Terms and Conditions

of Transporter's Tariff, as such may be revised or superseded from time to

time, all of which by this reference are made a part hereof. The General

Terms and Conditions and Rate Schedule HRS shall control in the event of

conflict between the General Terms and Conditions or Rate Schedule HRS and

this Contract. All of the terms defined in Transporter's Tariff shall have

the same meaning wherever used in this Contract.




1. The Commencement Date for service under this Contract shall be [month/date,



2. This Contract shall be effective as of the date first hereinabove written,

provided, however, that Transporter shall have no liability under this

Contract and shall be under no obligation to receive or to deliver any

quantities of Gas hereunder, and Shipper shall be under no obligation to pay

for transportation, prior to the Commencement Date.


3. This Contract shall continue in force and effect until [expiration date],

and Year to Year thereafter unless terminated by either party upon twelve (12)

Months prior written notice to the other; provided, however, that if the FERC

authorizes Transporter to abandon service to Shipper on an earlier date, this

Contract shall terminate as of such earlier date.


4. The termination of this Contract by expiration of fixed Contract term, by

termination notice provided by Shipper or Transporter under section 3 of this

Article V, or by mutual agreement of Shipper and Transporter triggers pre-

granted abandonment under Section 7 of the Natural Gas Act as of the effective

date of the termination.


5. Any provision of this Contract necessary to correct or cash-out imbalances

or to make payment under this Contract as required by the Tariff will survive

the other parts of this Contract until such time as such balancing or payment

has been accomplished.