Portland Natural Gas Transmission System

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 09/01/2006, Docket: RP06-449-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 531 Original Sheet No. 531 : Effective


request service hereunder, and Transporter's obligation to provide such

service, shall be subject to the provisions of any Capacity Release Agreement

executed by Replacement Shipper and Transporter; and, provided further,

Replacement Shipper's right to request service hereunder and Transporter's

obligation to provide such service shall be subject to the terms and

conditions stated in each effective Addendum appended thereto.


2. Transporter shall make available to Replacement Shipper the service

reserved under this Article II on the Days and for the quantities of Gas for

which such service has been reserved, subject to Replacement Shipper's

compliance with the terms and conditions of this Master Contract.




1. For each Month, Replacement Shipper agrees to pay the applicable

maximum usage rate multiplied by the sum of the Receipt Point Scheduled

Quantity or Quantities nominated by Replacement Shipper during such Month;

provided, however, that in the event that Transporter determines, in its sole

discretion on a basis that is not unduly discriminatory, or otherwise pursuant

to this Contract, to render service on behalf of Replacement Shipper for a

discounted usage rate, Transporter shall notify Replacement Shipper in writing

of the amount of such discounted usage rate, the Day(s) on which such rate

shall be in effect and the quantities to which such rate applies. For each DTH

of Scheduled Quantity to which a discounted usage rate applies, as set forth

in Transporter's notice, Replacement Shipper agrees to pay and shall pay the

applicable discounted usage rate in lieu of the maximum usage rate.


2. During the Term of this Contract, Replacement Shipper agrees to pay

and shall pay the Monthly reservation charges set forth in each effective

Addendum attached hereto.


3. If Replacement Shipper is a Releasing Shipper, as defined in Section

11 of the General Terms and Conditions, for each Month, the reservation charge

billed to Replacement Shipper shall be credited in accordance with the

applicable Rate Schedule and Section 11.17 of the General Terms and



4. Replacement Shipper agrees to pay and shall pay all applicable

charges specified in Rate Schedule FT.


5. Any additional rates or charges to be paid by Replacement Shipper

shall be set forth in the Addendum applicable to each transaction hereunder.