Portland Natural Gas Transmission System

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 09/01/2006, Docket: RP06-449-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 369 Original Sheet No. 369 : Effective






15.1 Monthly Billing Date. Transporter shall render bills on or

before the seventh (7th) Day of each Month for all amounts due from Shipper

for the preceding Month in a statement for such Month according to the

measurement, computations and charges provided in this Tariff and the Gas

Transportation Contract(s).


15.2 Monthly Payment Date. Shipper shall pay Transporter, at a bank

designated by Transporter, so that payment is received and Transporter has

available funds there from on or before the twentieth (20th) Day of each

Month, the full amount billed by Transporter to Shipper under Section 15.1 for

the immediately preceding Month. Such payment shall not be considered overdue

if the twentieth (20th) Day of the Month is a Saturday, Sunday, or national

holiday, and Transporter receives payment on the next Business Day.


15.3 Estimated Statement. If for any reason Transporter is unable to

render a statement on or before the seventh (7th) Day of a Month, Transporter

may at its option render an estimated statement to Shipper, which statement

shall contain Transporter's best estimate of the total amount payable to

Transporter by Shipper under the Gas Transportation Contract(s) for the

preceding Month. Shipper shall pay to Transporter the full amount of such

estimated statement within thirteen (13) Days of its receipt; provided,

however, that Transporter shall render to Shipper a final statement no later

than the fifteenth (15th) Day of the Month in which such estimated statement

is rendered, unless Transporter's failure to do so is due to the fault of

Shipper, in which case Transporter shall render to Shipper a final statement

which shall be added to or deducted from, as appropriate, Transporter's next

succeeding Monthly statement to Shipper.


15.4 Remedies For Nonpayment.


(a) Charge for Late Payment. Should Shipper fail to pay any or all of

the amount of any bill as herein provided when such amount is due, Shipper

shall pay a charge for late payment which shall be included by Transporter on

the next regular Monthly bill rendered to Shipper. Such charge for late

payment shall be determined by multiplying:


(1) the unpaid portion of the bill; by


(2) the ratio of the number of Days payment is overdue to 365;