Portland Natural Gas Transmission System

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 09/01/2006, Docket: RP06-449-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 353 Original Sheet No. 353 : Effective




(a) the bidder's legal name, the phone number, and the name of the

person entering the bid;


(b) the Releasing Shipper's legal name, and the number of the Gas

Transportation Contract under which bidder desires to acquire released



(c) the capacity which the bidder wishes to acquire, stated in DTH;


(d) the Receipt and Delivery Points at which the bidder desires



(e) the term of the acquisition;


(f) the maximum rate bidder is willing to pay for the capacity;


(g) whether the bidder is willing to accept less than the full amount

f capacity released in the event that there are two or more Successful Bidders

and Transporter must pro-rate the capacity in accordance with Section 11.9(c)

below; and


(h) any other terms that may be relevant.


A bidder may withdraw its bid during the bidding period, and may

submit a higher bid during the bidding period, but may not submit a lower bid.

Once a potential Replacement Shipper has submitted a bid, that bid shall be

binding until Transporter receives a written notice or electronic notice of

withdrawal. Once the bidding period closes, any bid posted on Transporter's

Interactive Internet Website shall constitute a binding offer to enter into a

Gas Transportation Contract for firm service, subject only to the Releasing

Shipper's decision to accept a contingent bid. The bid shall be binding

until: Transporter selects the Successful Bidder(s); Transporter determines

that no bids satisfy the minimum terms specified in the release Notice; or the

time specified by the Releasing Shipper in its Release Notice when it provides

for accepting contingent bids.


11.9 Allocation of Released Capacity -- Transporter's Criteria. Unless

the Releasing Shipper specifies different criteria for evaluating bids in its

Release Notice in accordance with the provisions of Section 11.6 herein,

release capacity will be allocated on a non-discriminatory basis consistent

with the following principles: