Portland Natural Gas Transmission System

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 09/01/2006, Docket: RP06-449-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 321 Original Sheet No. 321 : Effective




the Commencement Date and with each chromatographic analysis. The molecular

percentage of N2 and CO2 thus determined will be used to determine the super

compressibility factors during the ensuing period, with corrections for

specific gravity, temperature and pressure.


6.2 Measuring Station. Transporter will install, maintain and operate

at its expense, at or near the Delivery Point(s), a measuring station properly

equipped with meters, and other necessary measuring equipment by which the

volume of Gas made available to or on behalf of Shipper shall be measured and

determined in accord with this Section 6 of these General Terms and



(a) Orifice Meters. Orifice meters, if used, shall be installed,

and Gas quantities computed, in accordance with American Gas Association

Report No. 3 ANSI/API 2530, Orifice Metering of Gas and Other Related

Hydrocarbons, dated September 1985.


(b) Positive or Turbine Meters. Displacement or turbine meters,

if used, shall be installed, and Gas quantities computed, in accordance with

A.G.A. Gas Measurement Manual, Auxiliary Devices, Part No. Six, Copyright

1980; and Measurement of Gas By Turbine Meters, Transmission Measurement

Committee Report No. 7, Copyright 1985.


(c) New Measurement Techniques. Upon agreement of Transporter

and affected Shipper(s), electronic or other types of flow computers or any

new Gas measurement technique or method may be installed by Transporter, and

quantities of Gas shall be calculated in accordance with generally accepted

industry practices.


6.3 Check Measuring Equipment. Shipper may install, maintain and

operate, at its own expense, such check measuring equipment as desired,

provided that such equipment shall be so installed as not to interfere with

the operation of Transporter's measuring equipment at or near any Delivery



6.4 Right to be Present. Transporter and Shipper shall have the right

to have representatives present at the time of any installing, reading,

cleaning, changing, repairing, inspecting, testing, calibrating, or adjusting

done in connection with the other's measuring equipment used in measuring or

checking the measurement of deliveries of Gas under any Gas Transportation

Contract. The records from such measuring equipment shall remain the property

of the owner of the measuring equipment, but upon request each will submit to

the other its records and charts, together with calculations therefor, for

inspection and verification, subject to return within thirty (30) Days after

receipt thereof.