Portland Natural Gas Transmission System

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 09/01/2006, Docket: RP06-449-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 209 Original Sheet No. 209 : Effective







This Rate Schedule PAL is available for parking and loaning natural gas

by Transporter for any Shipper, where:


(a) Shipper has made a valid request for Park and Loan Service

as defined in Section 3 of the General Terms and Conditions and has met

the creditworthiness standards stated therein;


(b) Shipper and Transporter have entered into a Park and Loan

Service Contract;


(c) Except where Shipper is both the ultimate consumer and

producer of Gas which is being parked or loaned under this Rate Schedule,

contracts have been entered into by or on behalf of Shipper for the

acquisition or sale of Gas, as the case may be, and for its delivery, to

Transporter at one or more Receipt Points on Transporter's system;


(d) Either (i) Shipper's facilities or the facilities where the

Gas is to be consumed interconnect with Transporter's transmission system

at one or more Delivery Points of Transporter's Master Delivery Point List

("MDPL"), or (2) contracts have been or will be entered into on behalf of

Shipper for the transportation of the Gas to and from Transporter's system

to such facilities; and


(e) All necessary regulatory and governmental approvals to

acquire and sell, transport and, if appropriate, export and/or import

the Gas to be transported by Transporter have been obtained.




2.1 This Rate Schedule PAL and the rates established hereunder shall

apply to all Park and Loan Service rendered by Transporter. Park and Loan

Service is subject to the availability of capacity for the service. Park and

Loan Service is subject to curtailment or interruption as Transporter deems

necessary and as set forth in this Rate Schedule PAL, and in Section 10 of the

General Terms and Conditions. Transporter shall not be obligated to add any

facilities or expand the capacity of its system in any manner in order to

provide Park and Loan Service. Service rendered under this Rate Schedule shall

be provided for a minimum of a one day term.


2.2 Maximum Loaned Quantity. For each Shipper seeking to enter into a

contract for service under this Rate Schedule, Transporter shall establish a

Maximum Loaned Quantity (MLQ). The MLQ applicable to each Shipper shall be the

maximum amount of gas, cumulative at all its Loan Points, that the Shipper is

entitled to be loaned by Transporter pursuant to this Rate Schedule.