Pine Prairie Energy Center, LLC

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Effective Date: 09/01/2007, Docket: RP07-563-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 244 Original Sheet No. 244 : Effective




(For Use Under Rate Schedules IW and IB)


This Agreement is made as of the ___day of ___________, ____, by

and between PINE PRAIRIE ENERGY CENTER, LLC, a Delaware limited

liability company herein called "PPEC," and

__________________________, a _________________, herein called

"Customer," (each of PPEC and Customer, a "Party," and

collectively, the "Parties"), pursuant to the following recitals

and representations:


WHEREAS, PPEC owns and operates an underground natural gas storage

facility known as the Pine Prairie Energy Center, located in

Louisiana, and is authorized to provide natural gas storage and

related services in interstate commerce by way of the Pine Prairie

Energy Center; and


WHEREAS, Customer has requested that PPEC provide certain

interruptible hub natural gas storage services for Customer; and


WHEREAS, PPEC has agreed to provide such interruptible hub storage

services for Customer subject to the terms and conditions set

forth in this Agreement.


NOW, THEREFORE, PPEC and Customer agree as follows:




Following the commencement of service hereunder, in accordance

with the terms of PPEC's Rate Schedules IW and IB, as applicable,

and of this Agreement, PPEC shall provide Interruptible service

for Customer and shall receive, inject, store, wheel, loan,

withdraw and redeliver, as the case may be, quantities of Gas up

to the Customer's MDIQ, MDWQ, Maximum Storage Quantity, Maximum

Loan Quantity, and/or MDTQ, as applicable, as set forth on Exhibit

A hereto. Customer and PPEC may execute more than one Exhibit A

during the term of this Agreement, covering multiple transactions

for Hub Services.




The point(s) at which the Gas is to be tendered by Customer to

PPEC under this Agreement shall be any of the Point(s) of Receipt

as designated on Exhibit A hereto.


The point(s) at which the Gas is to be tendered by PPEC to

Customer under this Agreement shall be any of the Point(s) of

Delivery as designated on Exhibit A hereto.