Wyckoff Gas Storage Company, LLC

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Effective Date: 12/31/9999, Docket: RP09- 444-000, Status: Accepted

Original Sheet No. 15 Original Sheet No. 15


rights under its Firm Storage Service Agreement.


1.24 “Replacement Shipper” means a shipper who has assumed and

released rights to capacity of a Releasing Shipper.


1.25 “Service(s)” means the injection, storage and withdrawal

of Gas, and any ancillary activities to be performed by Transporter for

Shipper pursuant to a Service Agreement.


1.26 “Service Agreement” means the Firm Storage Service

Agreement or the Interruptible Storage Service Agreement (including all

Exhibits), as such agreements are amended and supplemented from time to



1.27 “Shipper” shall mean any individual or entity executing a

valid Service Agreement with the Transporter for Service(s) hereunder.


1.28 “Storage Balance” means the quantity of Working Gas in Dth

that a Shipper has in place at Transporter’s storage facilities for

Shipper’s account.


1.29 “Third Party Transporter” means any upstream or downstream

third party which provides services required to effectuate

delivery/redelivery of Gas to/from Transporter’s Facility.


1.30 “Transporter” means Wyckoff Gas Storage Company, LLC.


1.31 “Working Gas” means all Gas that Shipper has in storage

that is not Base Gas.


Additional terms indicated by capitalization and utilized in this

Statement of Operating Conditions shall have the meaning ascribed to

them where first utilized.




2.1 In General. Transporter shall operate and make available

to Shippers and other third parties, as set forth below, an Electronic

Bulletin Board (EBB), as set forth in 18 CFR § 284.12 and as provided

in Section 11 of the General Terms and Conditions. All Shippers taking

service under any of Transporter’s Rate Schedules shall have the

capability to make use of Transporter’s EBB as required by this Tariff.

The EBB shall be available to any party with compatible electronic

equipment. All Shippers and parties making use of Transporter’s EBB

shall be bound by and comply with the procedures governing its use, as

set forth in this Schedule and any applicable license agreement.


2.2 Communications.


(a) In the event of failure of all or part of the EBB

system, communications ordinarily conveyed through the EBB shall, to

the extent possible, be conveyed through a combination of telephonic,

email and facsimile transmissions.


(b) In the event that certain EBB functions cannot be

effectively replaced, Transporter will, by telephone, email or

facsimile transmission, provide notice to Shippers of the suspension of

that function pending restoration of EBB operations.


2.3 Limitation. The EBB shall be employed by Shippers and

other parties for the uses