PetroLogistics Natural Gas Storage LLC

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 06/03/2009, Docket: RP09-577-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 206 Original Sheet No. 206




THIS AGREEMENT, made and entered into this ____ day of __________,

_____, by and between PETROLOGISTICS NATURAL GAS STORAGE LLC ("PetroLogistics")

and ___________________ ("Shipper").

WITNESSETH; That in consideration of the mutual covenants herein contained,

the parties hereto agree as follows:

Section 1. Service to be Rendered. PetroLogistics shall perform and Shipper

shall receive the service in accordance with the provisions of the effective ISS Rate

Schedule and applicable General Terms and Conditions of PetroLogistics' FERC Gas Tariff,

Original Volume No. 1 ("Tariff"), on file with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

("Commission"), as the same may be amended or superseded in accordance with the rules and

regulations of the Commission. PetroLogistics shall store quantities of gas for Shipper up to,

but not exceeding, Shipper's Maximum Interruptible Storage Capacity as specified in Exhibit A,

as the same may be amended from time to time by agreement between Shipper and PetroLogistics,

or in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Commission. Service hereunder shall be

provided subject to the provisions of Part 284 of the Commission's Regulations.

Shipper agrees that PetroLogistics shall have the unilateral right to file with the

appropriate regulatory authority and make changes effective in (a) the terms and conditions

of this Service Agreement, pursuant to which service hereunder is rendered or (b) any provision

of the General Terms and Conditions applicable to this Service Agreement. PetroLogistics agrees

that the Shipper may protest or contest the aforementioned filings, and the Shipper does not

waive any rights it may have with respect to such filings.

Section 2. Receipt and Delivery Points. The point(s) at which the gas is tendered

by Shipper to PetroLogistics under this contract and the point(s) at which the gas is tendered by

PetroLogistics to Shipper under this contract shall be at the point(s) located on PetroLogistics'

system designated on Exhibit B hereto.

Section 3. Rates. Upon commencement of service, Shipper shall pay the charges calculated

in accordance with the ISS Rate Schedule including Fuel Retention as specified in Exhibit A of

this Service Agreement.

Section 4. Term. Service under this Agreement shall commence as of the first Day of the

first Month specified in Exhibit A and shall continue in full force and effect until the last

Day of the last Month specified in Exhibit A. Pre-granted abandonment shall apply upon

termination of this Agreement.

Section 5. Notices. Notices to PetroLogistics under this Agreement shall be addressed

to it at Two Houston Center, 909 Fannin Street, Suite 2630, Houston, TX 77010, Tel. 713 789-0380,

Fax. 713 789-8148/ Attention: Vice President of Marketing, and notices to Shipper shall be

addressed to it at ______________________________________, Attention: _______________, until

changed by either Party by written notice.

Section 6. Prior Agreements Cancelled. This Service Agreement supersedes and

cancels, as of the effective date hereof, the following Service Agreements: