Panther Interstate Pipeline Energy, L.L.C.

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 02/01/2004, Docket: CP03-338-001, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 7 Original Sheet No. 7 : Effective


Agreement, as applicable. If there are other requests pending for

such capacity, the award of capacity shall be consistent with

Section 3 of this Rate Schedule FTS. Shipper shall lose its

priority at previously designated primary receipt and delivery

points to the extent that the amendment reduces the MDQ at any

such point.


4.4 Secondary Receipt and Delivery Points: Shipper may use as a

secondary receipt or delivery point any other receipt or delivery

point on Transporter's system by notifying Transporter in

Shipper's nomination. A Shipper may also use a primary receipt or

delivery point as a secondary point to the extent that Shipper

nominates quantities at the primary point in excess of the

Shipper's MDQ for that primary point; provided that its total

nominations under that FT Agreement are less than or equal to the

MDQ under the FT Agreement. A Shipper's rights under this Rate

Schedule to use a secondary receipt or delivery point shall be

superior to all interruptible shippers' nominations at that point,

but inferior to the rights of all shippers under FT Agreements

using that point as a primary delivery or receipt point,

consistent with Section 9 in the General Terms and Conditions of

this Tariff. If Shipper's nominated total receipts or deliveries

on any day exceed the MDQ stated in the FT Agreement (as adjusted

for Retainage, if any), volumes in excess of Shipper's MDQ shall

be considered overrun and, if necessary, the receipt or delivery

quantities for any point shall be allocated in accordance with

Section 9 of the General Terms and Conditions of this Tariff.




5.1 Transportation Rates: Except to the extent Transporter and

Shipper have agreed in writing to a discounted rate, or to a

negotiated rate pursuant to Section 26 of the General Terms and

Conditions, the applicable rates for service under this FT Rate

Schedule are the applicable maximum Demand and Commodity Rates

shown on the effective Tariff Sheet No. 4. The Monthly Bill for

service under an FT Agreement shall be equal to:


(a) Demand Charge: A demand rate determined under this Section

5.1 multiplied by the MDQ as specified in the FT Agreement;


(b) Commodity Charge: The applicable commodity rate(s) under

this Section 5.1 multiplied by the dekatherms of natural gas

transported and delivered in the Month pursuant to this Rate

Schedule; and