Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Company, LP


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Effective Date: 06/30/2004, Docket: RP04-321-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 275 Original Sheet No. 275 : Effective







with the facilities of Shipper or Shipper's

designee; and the Maximum Daily Contract

Quantity at the Point of Receipt is equal to

the Maximum Daily Withdrawal Quantity,

adjusted for Fuel Reimbursement, under the

Shipper's firm Storage service agreement;



(iii) The primary Point of Delivery in the Summer

Period and the primary Point of Receipt in

the Winter Period is an interconnection in

the Market Zone between Panhandle's

facilities and the facilities of another

person that can both receive Gas from, and

deliver Gas to, Panhandle and that delivers

to Panhandle for the account of the Shipper,

under the affected Transportation Agreement

only Quantities that have been withdrawn

from firm Storage.


Panhandle shall not execute a Service Agreement for

storage related transportation to or from an

interconnection with another person until the Shipper

provides Panhandle with written verification that it is

entitled to receive storage service, with an MDIQ and

MDWQ, adjusted as appropriate for Fuel Reimbursement,

matching the MDCQ the Shipper has requested at the

interconnection during the Summer and Winter Periods,

and that the Shipper is entitled to require that such

Quantities be received from and delivered to Panhandle

during the Summer and Winter Periods. Storage related

transportation may be suspended if and to the extent

that the Shipper does not subsequently verify (1) that it

continues to be entitled to receive a firm storage

service, (2) the Shipper's MDIQ, MDWQ, and MSQ

(3) Quantities the Shipper is entitled to require to be

received from, and delivered to, Panhandle at the

interconnection, and (4) the Shipper's Stored Volumes at

the beginning of the Winter Period.