Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Company, LP


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Effective Date: 09/13/2004, Docket: RP04-454-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 230D Original Sheet No. 230D : Effective







(4) Effective Date


The reduction shall take effect on the later of

the effective date of the lost load or the first

calendar day of the month following the sixtieth

(60th) day after Shipper's written notice.


(c) Plant Outage


(1) Eligibility


Shipper, an industrial customer of Panhandle,

closes its plant or implements a permanent and

material reduction in its production output.


(2) Notice and Certification


Shipper must give Panhandle written notice no

more than thirty (30) days following a public

announcement that its plant will be closed or

will permanently and materially reduce its

production output. The notice shall state the

contract quantity reduction sought and the date

that Shipper anticipates that the plant will be

closed or permanently and materially reduce

plant output. At the time of such notice,

Shipper must certify with supporting data that:


(i) The plant was actually served by the

Shipper with gas transported by Panhandle

on a firm basis as of the date that

Shipper's Service Agreement with Panhandle

became effective.


(ii) The plant closing or reduction of

operations and the quantity of any such

permanent reduction in plant output has

been publicly announced.


(iii) The delivery point at which Panhandle

makes deliveries to the plant is listed as

a primary Point of Delivery on Shipper's

Service Agreement.